Write an analysis of a character The man in To build a Fire by Jack London English homework help

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August 10, 2020
Help to write about this topic English homework help
August 10, 2020

Write an analysis of a character The man in To build a Fire by Jack London English homework help

Your thesis statement should make a central claim about the character, and the body of your paper should introduce and support the points that support that thesis. All claims you make should be supported with evidence pulled from the text.

In deciding what your central claim will be, consider one or more apparent personality traits of the character you choose. Try to relate those traits to the behaviors we see in the story (character motivation).

Of the character you choose to analyze, ask yourself what kind of person she/he is. Is s/he weak? strong? determined? optimistic? arrogant? afraid? timid? shy? and so forth. You will need to find specific evidence from the story to support your argument, and incorporate that evidence into your paper. Refer to your class notes on techniques for doing so. Also, you’ll want to review the literary terms that specifically refer to character (such things as dynamic, static, protagonist, antagonist, and epiphany).

After choosing the character to analyze comes the hard part: explaining why the author developed such a character. Which is to say, you’ll need to move from the “what” to the “why”.

For your thesis statement, you should refer to the major characteristics you will discuss and relate them to either the outcome of the story or to one or more of its themes.

You might also approach this paper in terms of the ways an author reveals a character to us. Remember, we learn about a character through appearance, actions and reactions, speech, gestures, and even name. You could organize your paper according to these items rather than characteristics, if you choose. In any case, each body paragraph needs to begin with a strong, clear topic sentence to guide the reader.

General Requirements

Audience: The paper should be written for an academic audience. You may assume that your readers have already read the work you are analyzing, so excessive summary will not be necessary; however, you might include very brief bits of summary, as needed, to help lead into or accentuate the points you are making.

Length and format: The paper should be a minimum of 1000 words

and should be formatted according to MLA standards. Visit Purdue’s OWL for discussion of MLA formatting. You do not need a title page or an outline for this assignment.

Research: You must use at least TWO secondary sources to support (or refute) your claims.

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