write a social media plan campaign for a business

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March 18, 2023
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March 18, 2023

write a social media plan campaign for a business

Be sure to read Chapter 15 and the PowerPoint notes before working on this assignment. COM 203_Ch_15.pptx

Choose one of the following businesses described here. You should be using this background to develop your plan. FinalProjectClients.docx

The entire assignment can be found in this document and described below: SocialMediaPlan2019.docx

Assignment: Social Media Campaign Plan

Due: Monday, July 1

(NOTE: Late assignments will NOT be accepted after the last day of class on Wed., July 3)

The social media plan serves as your final assignment. You should draw on the content presented throughout the semester and apply it to this assignment.

For your plan, choose one of the following fictitious clients. Decide on a social media strategy that aligns with the client’s goal. Background on the clients is found here: FinalProjectClients.docx OR at the end of this document.

Sunshine Bakery Company

Best Baskets

Mason County Tourism

Using the outline below, write a 3-5 page proposal for your client.

** To help you get started, look at the “Ben and Jerry’s City Churned” campaign (p. 196) and the Oreo “Daily Twist” campaign case study (pp. 197-198) as examples. While the outline for this assignment is a little different, it will give you the basics of what is being asked of you. Just note, these are case studies of completed campaigns—your paper will be a proposal for a social media campaign.**

Set-up the paper as follows and include the information requested.

Be sure to review the rubric as you write the plan.

Client Name/ Title of the Plan

(e.g. Ben and Jerry’s City Churned Campaign)


Your Name

Part I: Background (1-2 paragraphs)

Provide a brief introduction to the client. Who are they? What do they do?

Write a statement that outlines what the client wants to achieve from the social media campaign (what is the goal) and what the client hopes to achieve. Explain why this social media campaign is important to the client.

Part II: Objectives (You may write in paragraph form or use bullet points for each objective.)

List 3-5 objectives related to your goal (in other words, based on your goal, what are 3 to 5 things you want to accomplish with the social media campaign). Objectives might be considered “mini sub-goals” related to your overarching goal of what your client wants to achieve.

  • The following questions might be helpful when deciding on your objectives: Is there an issue or challenge to overcome? Is this a one-time launch? Are you attracting an audience to an event? Are you introducing a new product/service? Are you trying to engage your customers online? Are you trying to engage the media (online media, bloggers, influencers)?
  • As an example, look at the objectives for Ben and Jerry’s and Oreo for ideas (pp. 196-197).

Part III: Target Audience (1 paragraph)

Who do you plan to reach and engage in this campaign? Go back to Chapter 1and consider the four quadrants. Will you reach or engage more than one type of audience? The target audience should reflect your objectives.

Four Quadrants:

Media- inclusive of publicity, as well as traditional and social press.

Community- inclusive of internal, external, online, employee, consumer, and personal interactions. Business- inclusive of investor relations, C-suite executive advisement, and social care (customer service).

Government- inclusive of political, lobbying, public affairs, and issues management (For more information you can research this)

  • As an example, look at the target audience for the Ben and Jerry’scampaign (p. 196).

Part IV: Social Media Strategies and Tactics (at least 5 short paragraphs – one for each tactic)

Provide at least 5 different social media tactics that support each of your objectives and target audiences.

  • Choose a variety of tactics. The tactics are Social Press, Sharing Expertise, Social Networks, Photo Sharing and Video. When choosing each tactic, look at Chapter 9 and consider what makes for “sticky” content which is content that is developed in order to gain the users attention and increase the possibility that he or she will share the content with others.
      • Social Press- For a business, getting your message heard by today’s journalists, bloggers, and online influencers is an important strategy to building our reputation, brand, and consumer outreach. For example: Twitter is a great tool for a business to connect with its customers and other publics with original content. But Twitter is also a platform to engage with online influencers.
      • Sharing Expertise: Its a business getting their message across through for example podcasting, blogs, or internet radio show
      • Social Networks: Business’s using networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat
      • Photo Sharing and Video: For example: Businesses making commercial videos to grab the attention of their audiences or posting photos on instagram or facebook to promote their business
        • As an example, look at the “Execution” section of the Oreo campaign (p. 198). Write one paragraph for each tactic. Each tactic is one part of your strategy that addresses an objective and reaches a specific target audience.
  • NOTE: Be sure that all of your objectives are achieved with at least one tactic. Be sure that all of your target audiences are reached with at least on tactic.

Part V: Evaluation (1-2 paragraphs)

Using your objectives as your outline, how will you evaluate the success of your campaign? What will you measure and how will you measure it?

  • Look at Chapter 14 for ideas related to measurement.
    • Metric Exposure: Create potential audience exposure to content andmessage. For example: Program Metrics: Total OTS for program content. Channel Metrics: Number of items, mentions, reach,
      impressions, CPM. Paid Media: Impressions, reach, CPM, Active GRP’s. Owned: Unique visitors, page views, reach, impressions, CPM. Earned: Number of items, number of mentions, number of followers, OTS
    • Metric Engagement: Interaction that occurs in response to content on an owned channel “engaging with you.” Also learned social conversation “talking about you.” For example: For example: program metrics: Number of interactions with content, interaction rate, hashtag usage. Channel Metrics: Post likes, comments, shares, views, RTs/1,000 followers, Paid Media: Interaction rate, click-throughs, time viewing, completed plays, Owned: Return visits, interaction rate, duration subscriptions, links, Earned: comments/Posts, shares, RTs/1,000, followers, number of inbound links
    • Metric Influence: Ability to cause or contribute to a change in opinion or behavior. For example: Program Metrics: Increase % association with key attributes, change in issue sentiment. Channel Metrics: Net promoter % by channel. Business Metrics: Purchase consideration %, likelihood to recommend %, association with brand attributes. Paid Media: Purchase consideration, change in opinion. Owned: Tell a friend, change in opinion, association with key attributes. Earned: Purchase consideration, tell a friend, likelihood to recommend
    • Metric Impact: Effect of a social media campaign, program or effort on the target audience. Also, value—the financial impact. For example: Program Metrics: New subscribers, referral traffic to website, white paper downloads. Channel Metrics: Unique visitors to website referred from each channel. Business Metrics: Sales, repeat sales, purchase frequency, cost savings, number of leads. Paid Media: Visit website, attend event, sales, download coupons. Owned: Download paper, download app, sales, request information, cost savings. Earned: Visit store, attend the event, sales, vote for issue
    • Metric Advocacy: Act of pleading or making the case for something. Includes positive sentiment and one of the following: a recommendation, a call to action to purchase, or suggested usage or suggested change to opinion. For example: Program Metrics: Recommendation/total mention %. Channel Metrics: Organic posts by advocates, ratings/reviews. Business Metrics: Employee ambassadors, brand fans/advocates. Paid Media: Mentions in earned channel. Owned: Recommendations, ratings. Earned: Ratings, reviews, recommendations, recommendation rate
  • Your evaluation should read something like:
    • To reach the first objective of xxx, Twitter was used as a tactic. For the campaign, Twitter will garner more than 1,000 impressions reaching the xx target audience. The Social Press was also used to reach the first objective. For the campaign, five (5) influencers will mention the product.
    • To reach the second objective of xxx, …..
    • While the “Results/Evaluation” of the Ben and Jerry’s and Oreo campaigns (pp. 197 & 198) are somewhat different, you can use these as examples. Just remember that since these are completed campaigns the companies are reporting actual results. You will not be able to say that you were successful. Instead, you are presenting the measurements (metrics) that you will use to evaluate the success.

Grading Rubric

Final Project

Structure & Presentation (10 points)

______The Social Media Plan has a formal title.

______Subheads are used in the paper to identify each section (see below).

______The paper is professionally written and proofread for errors.

Part I: Background(10 points)

______Provides a brief introduction to the client. Who are they? What do they do?

______Includes a statement that outlines what the client wants to achieve and why (goal).

Part II: Objectives(25 points)

______A list of 3-5 objectives related to your goal are presented. The objectives look similar to those for Ben and Jerry’s and Oreo for ideas (pp. 196-197).

Part III: Target Audience(15 points)

______The target audience(s) for the campaign are clearly identified. This section looks similar to the target audience for the Ben and Jerry’s campaign (p. 196) and draws on Chapter 1.

Part IV: Social Media Strategies and Tactics(25 points)

______At least 5 different social media tactics are described. The tactics are varied and reflect the material in Chapters 4 thru 8. The tactics look similar to those in the “Execution” section of the Oreo campaign (p. 198).

______Each tactic supports at least one of your objectives and target audiences.

______The tactics support an overall strategy to reach the client’s stated goal.

Part V: Evaluation (15 points)

______For each objective, an evaluation and metric (number) is provided (this is the measurement to be used to measure success of the objective).

______The metrics draw on the specific tactics proposed.

The evaluation looks similar to those in the “Results/Evaluation” of the Ben and Jerry’s and Oreo campaigns—except that these are proposed metrics (not final results).

________ 100 TOTAL POINTS


Client: Sunshine Bakery Company

The Sunshine Bakery Company (SBC), founded in 1982 in Baltimore, is a neighborhood restaurant that specializes in artisan breads and freshly baked sweets. Desserts are SBC’s specialty and range from fancy cookies to cheesecakes to pies. All of this is served with its freshly brewed gourmet coffees and fancy hot chocolates. Over the years, SBC has expanded to include a full line of foods. You can stop in for breakfast and enjoy the freshly made bagels and muffins, as well as quiche and egg sandwiches. Customers also stop in for lunch or a light dinner choosing among 25 types of overstuffed sandwiches on SBC’s fresh-baked breads, which can be ordered with its homemade soups, macaroni and cheese, and salads.

The Sunshine Bakery Company is expanding in the Northeast and plans to open 10 new stores in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York beginning in 2020. SBC has hired you to create an online social media campaign to create demand for its new retail stores. The goal is to successfully launch the news stores by creating brand awareness and customer demand. The company sees its current competitors as Panera Bread and Corner Bakery Café.

Client: Best Baskets

Best Baskets is a new online gift-giving store that ships, with a simple click, to anyone anywhere for any occasion. The Best Baskets company offers packages for any occasion (birthday, thank you, anniversary, new baby, holidays, etc.) and will create a custom basket with a variety of themes (food, wine, gourmet snacks, baby items, movies, electronics, etc.). You name it, Best Baskets will create it!

Best Baskets has hired you to create an online social media campaign to launch its new virtual store. Currently, Best Baskets has set-up its website (www.BestBaskets.com) and is ready to take orders. However, Best Baskets has no brand presence and has only received a handful of orders. The goal is to gain an online presence and create a buzz to generate sales. Best Baskets sees itself competing with other online gift delivery services such as Harry & David, Shari’s Berries, and even online florist companies.

Client: Mason County Tourism — Bluegrass Festival

The Chamber of Commerce for Mason County, Kentucky, is seeking to increase tourism for its locally-famous week-long Bluegrass Festival. Mason County Tourism has hired you to create an online social media campaign to gain national attention for the 2020 festival and attract tourism to the area. Specifically, Mason County has set a goal to increase tourism to the festival by 25%. To accommodate the projected increase in tourism, there are two new hotels in the area (a Best Western and a Hyatt Place), as well as a variety of restaurants serving local favorites including derby pie, burgoo, hot brown, chili con carne, barbecue, and more.

Mason County has been planning to expand the festival for the past few years. While it started as a one night event, it has grown into a full week (starts on Sunday, Aug. 9, and ends the following Saturday night, Aug. 15). There are three stages in three different parts of town with the biggest names performing throughout the week. Doc Watson is booked to launch the festival on Sunday. During the week, fans will be entertained by Bill Monroe, Old Crow Medicine Show, and additional local favorites. On Saturday night, Alison Krauss & Union Station will be making the final performance. Food trucks and other entertainment (dance contests, local crafters, cook-offs, fireworks, etc.) will round out the festivities.

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