write 2 3 pages about case study about school principal ethics

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August 10, 2020
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August 10, 2020

write 2 3 pages about case study about school principal ethics

Description of assignment:

The ability to apply a standard code of ethics to various situations and then allow this code to guide decision-making is one of the major functions for contemporary educational leaders. School leaders must be able to access this code in order to make decisions which reflect integrity, fairness, and ethical responsibility.

For this assignment:

Read Standard #5 and its sub-elements bellow.

Read Case 6 (attached): School Property is Missing. Identify three educational leaders with whom you are acquainted, either directly or through a friend or colleague. Briefly summarize the case for each leader. Ask them the following question:

The first leader is a school principle whom I interviewed and attached you can find a voice note of her response and information (She is a principle of an elementary school in Fairfax county)

The second leader is my mother (She is retired now and she worked 14 years as an assistance principle in an intermediate school in Saudi Arabia and before that she was an english teacher) , write a good response for her.

I did not find another leader, so make up one and write a response (Ex. my neighbor superintendent )

Based on the situation, do you think that Mr. Tunnell’s actions and decisions were ethical? Why or why not?

Prepare a written summary for this assignment.

In Part I, provide a brief description of the three leaders, including their respective leadership roles, years of experience, and the type of setting in which they provide leadership.

In Part II, provide a summary of their responses.

In Part III, provide your reflection on this issue.

Written paper requirements:

  • The paper must adhere to APA standards, including the reference section, if included.
  • Your summary must be 2-3 pages in length.
  • Attached you can find the assignment rubric.

ELCC Standards Addressed for School-Based Leadership:

Standard 5.0: Candidates who complete the program are educational leaders who have the knowledge and ability

to promote the success of all students by acting with integrity, fairly, and in an ethical manner.

5.1 Acts with Integrity

a. Candidates demonstrate a respect for the rights of others with regard to confidentiality and dignity and engage in honest interactions.

5.2 Acts Fairly

a. Candidates demonstrate the ability to combine impartiality, sensitivity to student diversity, and ethical considerations in their interactions with others.

5.3 Acts Ethically

a. Candidates make and explain decisions based upon ethical and legal principles.

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