who can do my ePortfolio project psychology homework help

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September 9, 2020
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September 9, 2020

who can do my ePortfolio project psychology homework help

these are the instructions >>>

ePortfolio Directions (Using PowerPoint)

Purpose:Mountain View College (and the DCCCD) are using an electronic portfolio system to “make learning visible”. The purpose of the ePortfolio (using PowerPoint) is for you to demonstrate visually that you are learning the course outcomes. In other words, you are “showcasing” and “reflecting” on your best work that relates to the course goals and what you are proudest of this semester. For example, one of our learning outcomes is for you to develop your critical thinking skills. Therefore, what assignment this semester demonstrates your best “thinking”? It can be an assignment from any recent class (not just Learning Framework). You would upload the work into your “artifact” page of the ePortfolio. Then, next to the artifact, you’d “reflect” on the work such as writing about the purpose of the assignment and how completing this assignment helped you to develop your critical thinking skills. The ePortfolio is a new concept for Mountain View College, but the goal is for us to use it into the future as you continue next semester and beyond. Remember: “Nothing is easier than to have the experience and missing the meaning!” COFFIN. Let’s not forget the meaning of our college experience!

Please start your project early as you don’t want to get behind. You will NOT submit your progress week by week, but you will submit the final ePortfolio on 12/4. Also, be prepared to share your ePortfolio with the class in the eCampus Blog. You will also present your ePortfolio to a small group in class during the last week of the course (more on your presentations later). So get started on the home page…

FYI—Remember to consider your audience…don’t cram everything into one page. If you need more space, simply create another slide…. You want people that view your ePortfolio to read it easily!

FYI—This is YOUR ePortfolio so ADD to it beyond these basic requirements if you want. There are no limitations!

Slide #1

“Introduction” Page (s): This is where your ePortfolio opens—the first view people will see. Briefly introduce yourself and include a picture or symbol that relates to your life and/or career direction; and, state the purpose of the portfolio. Remember to express yourself and show us who you are!

The introduction has many basic elements: Name, where you were born, current location (do not include your full address), your major/career direction, personal mission statement, interesting famous quote, one or more interesting facts about your life; and, state the purpose of the portfolio.

This is the homepage. You might put a page breakdown at some point in the first slide.

*Use the mission statement that was developed in class!

Slide #2

“GOALS”: This page is all about your future. Goal-setting puts you in the driver’s seat and lets you know both where you are going and how to get there. Remember goals start with “I will….”

Organize this section into FIVE parts:

1) Long-term goals that relate to your college major, degree plan, transfer school, grades, classes, etc.

2) Long-term goals that relate to your career direction.

3) Short-term goals that relate to your personal life for this semester.

4) Include or add a link to your “Quality World” assignment.

*Use the SMART goal criteria in your work.

Slide #3

Link your Learning and Personality (essay #2) to this slide and give a short description of what you are stating in the assignment. Include what you learned about yourself and how you can use the information to create a more successful “YOU”.

Slide #4

Link your Behavior Change Project essay and give a short synopsis of what you worked to change, the process used for creating your new positive behaviors and the overall results of your efforts

Slide #5

Upload picture (s) or something that represented your best thinking and writing this semester. You can use an item from your work in class or an item from another other class, then “reflect” on it and write a short synopsis of your work.

For PowerPoint use “inset” and “object” and “Microsoft Word”.

What did I learn? DESCRIBE

A concept, skill, something about yourself

What was the purpose for learning this?

How did I learn it? LEARNING PROCESS

What method or process was used to learn it?

How do you know you really learned it deeply?

What kind of thinking was involved?

What personal connections or insights did I have? INSIGHTS

Personal insights, thoughts, feelings

What were the strengths and weaknesses? ANALYSIS, EVALUATION

What successes would I repeat? What weaknesses did I identify?

What “mistakes” did I learn from?

What could I do differently to improve? ACTION PLAN

What is this knowledge good for? APPLICATIONS

Do I see relevant future applications from this experience?

What else would I like to learn? PERSONAL GROWTH

Slide #6

Choice (select any example of ‘learning’ from this year from any class)

Add one more “artifact” to your ePortfolio (you can use any other assignment from this semester.)

Repeat same process as above for “reflection”.

ADD MORE ARTIFCATS (OPTIONAL) And there will be a sample uploaded as a power point file down there >>> the project has to be just like the sample but the difference its in my name and no need to add pictures as it is in the sample

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