which of the following was critical to overcoming psychological difficulties?

Gender roles directly affect the ______ of abnormal behaviors.
August 22, 2020
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August 22, 2020

which of the following was critical to overcoming psychological difficulties?

41) According to
Freud, which of the following was critical to overcoming psychological

A) Empathy

B) Hypnosis

C) Insight

D) Regression

42) In the
classical conditioning paradigm demonstrated by Pavlov through his study of the
physiology of dog digestion, what was the UCS?

A) Bell

B) Food

C) Pavlov

D) Salivating

43) In Pavlov’s
experiment with dogs, classical conditioning was demonstrated when

A) the
UCS elicited the CR.

B) the
UCS elicited the UCR.

C) the
CS elicited the CR.

D) the
CS was paired with the UCS.

44) John B.
Watson, the founder of behaviorism, maintained that

A) fear
was an instinctive and unlearned response in children.

B) all
behaviors were learned through exposure to the environment.

C) inner
thoughts were acceptable behaviors for scientific study.

D) behavior
was conditioned through operant reinforcement.

45) If a
psychologist defines herself as a “scientist-practitioner,” what do we
automatically know about her through this label?

A) She
is focused on pure research and practices sound methodological principles.

B) She relies on the latest research findings in
providing quality care and treatment to patients.

C) She takes a behavioral approach, only trying
to change dysfunctional behaviors that are observable.

D) She is not focused on the etiology of a
disorder but on a research-based treatment approach.

46) Neurons
release neurotransmitters into synapses. These neurotransmitters

A) land
on the receptor site of the next neuron, causing it to fire.

B) block
further messages from being sent to the next neuron.

C) land
on an axon, causing it to fire and send an electrical impulse.

D) establish
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