compare and contrast the five economic and/or social classes of diversity, and explain how economic diversity impacts business and workplace relationships.
September 11, 2020
What should the titles of the jobs be and what should the job specifications include for each type of position?
September 11, 2020

What is P

1. Let A and B be two disjoint events such that P(A) = .20 and P(B) = .60.

What is P(A and B)?

0 .12 .68 .80 None of the above.

2. In the population, 8% of males have had a kidney stone, while only 2% of females have had a kidney stone. Suppose a medical researcher randomly selects one male and one female from the population.

Let A represent the event “the selected male has had a kidney stone.”

Let B represent the event “the selected female has had a kidney stone.”

Which of the following is true about the two events?

A and B are disjoint. A and B are independent. A and B are complements. All of the above are true. Only (A) and (B) are true. None of the above is true. I thought only A and B were true, but I was wrong…

3. For safety reasons, four different alarm systems were installed in the vault containing the safety deposit boxes at a Beverly Hills bank. Each of the four systems detects theft with a probability of .99 independently of the others. The bank, obviously, is interested in the probability that when a theft occurs, at least one of the four systems will detect it. This probability is equal to:

(.99)4 (.01)4 1 – (.01) * 4 1 – (.99)4 1 – (.01)4 (that’s an exponent 4, not a regular 4) I’m guessing the answer is the last one.

4. A coin is tossed three times, or until the first “heads” appears, whichever occurs first. Which of the following is the sample space for this random experiment?

S = {HHH, HHT, HTH, THH, HTT, THT, TTH, TTT} S = {H, TH, TTH} S = {H, TH, TTH, TTT} S = {H, HH, HHH} S = {H, HT, HHT, HHH} I thought the answer was the second option there, but it told me I was wrong…




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