What is innovative about the artist’s music or style?

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July 4, 2020
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July 4, 2020

What is innovative about the artist’s music or style?

1. Papers are to be typed in 12-point font using Times Roman with a one- inch margin on both sides as well as on top and bottom. 2. Paper should include a title page, reference page and should be no less than 7-point total pages typed (doubled-spaced). One-inch margins on all sides.

________________________________________ To get a better idea on how to successfully write a music paper, please see the following guide as it provides a step by step instructions: http://www.library.uni.edu/collections/art-music-collection/writing-research-papers-music-guide Your paper should be organized according to the following content guidelines (in this order):

1. Introduction: explain why you have selected this topic.

2. Pertinent background and biographical info on the artist, band, or musical style. Mention any earlier groups or musical styles that may have influenced the artist or style. Also, describe a musical evolution in the life of the artist or musical style. You can mention significant performances, albums, career milestones, personnel and stylistic changes. However, the paper should focus on the musical contribution of the artist/style/band etc. and not on lists of albums and bands. Most importantly, the paper should not be biographical in nature; I am mainly interested in the music of the artist and not the artist itself. 3. Discuss the musical significance of the artist or style and how you feel their music extends the development of music as discussed in class. What is innovative about the artist’s music or style?




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