What is culture and why is it important to understand its layers and functions?

research the leadership style and characteristics of Richard Branson
July 5, 2020
Describe the advantages of using menu engineering.
July 5, 2020

What is culture and why is it important to understand its layers and functions?

answer or summarize each in 100+ words

1. What is culture and why is it important to understand its layers and functions??

2.How can different approaches to change make you and your organization more effective managers of change?

?3. How Will Organizational Behavior (OB) Help Me in My Career??

?MGT312 Question How Will Organizational Behavior (OB) Help Me in My Career Transcript Speakers: Angelo Kinicki, Ph.D. ANGELO KINICKI, PH.D.: Mark from California wants to know if OB skills are really going to help you get a job. Here is what I would say, Mark. What is going to help you get the job is functional knowledge in some field. It could be supply chain, marketing, accounting, finance. That?? what?? going to get you the job. Now OB skills would help when you??e first getting the job but I would say it?? the OB skills that are going to help you get promoted upwards because it?? those softer interpersonal leadership influence skills that will move you up the organization.?

4.Organizational Culture
?Speakers: Angelo Kinicki, Ph.D. ANGELO KINICKI, PH.D.: Hi. I?? Dr. Angelo Kinicki. In the readings you are going to learn about organizational culture and organizational change. I love the topic of organization culture and my interest on the topic came from a consulting project. I was hired by a company to come in and take their strategic plan and cascade the goals down through the organization and it didn?? work for about a year. And you want to know why it didn?? work? Because the culture was opposite of the strategy. The culture at this company was one of what I call a lazy and I make too much money. Because the company was so profitable, they didn?? care to do things fast, efficient, and with high quality. There is a famous saying that reflects this story. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. It was made by a guy named Peter Drucker. The best strategy in the world will not work if the culture is not consistent with it. You will learn in your reading what is organizational culture, how it gets created, and how managers can change it, and yes you can change organizational culture. You??l learn about Southwest Airlines, a company that has made profits for many, many years more than any other airline by using its culture. You??e going to also talk about the concept of culture fit. Now this is really important to you. What culture fit represents is the extent to what your values, your beliefs match those of the values of the culture. Here is what I can tell you is going to happen. If your values do not match the values of the culture, you will be unhappy and unproductive. When you get a job after graduation or if you change jobs at one point, you want to make sure you fit. You will learn about that. The last thing you??e going to learn about is organizational change and organizational change is everywhere. It?? important for you to understand when an organization is changing, how to do it right, how to involve people, and how can employees be good followers in a change environment. All of that will come to you and I hope you will use it going forth in your career?





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