internal environmental analysis 10
October 22, 2021
strategy formulation execution amp control 1
October 22, 2021

victim s advocacy programs

In a minimum of 400-600 words address the following:

    • Conduct an Internet search for at least two different victim’s advocacy programs.
    • Describe the program’s main mission and the services provided, which may include awareness activities, conferences, and publications. Compare and contrast the two different programs.
    • In addition to describing the programs, and comparing and contrasting the programs as stated above, answer the following questions:
    • How effective do you feel are your selected victim’s advocacy programs? Why?
    • What types of victims do you think benefit most from the selected victim’s advocacy programs? Explain your reasoning.
    • If you were able to modify a single element or aspect of each program, what would it be? Explain why.
    • Do you think the media plays a role in addressing the needs of crime victims? Explain.
    • If yes, does it have a mostly positive or mostly negative impact? Why?
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