June 22, 2020
Empirical evidence is the evidence gathered by careful observation and experimentation.
June 22, 2020


is defined as the discipline concerned with:

a. the study of all physical stimuli that
affect human sensations and perceptions.

b. behavior and mental processes and how they
are affected by an organism’s physical state, mental state, and external

c. the study of humankind and the importance
of culture in explaining the diversity in human behavior.

d. maladaptive human behaviors and cognitions
that are incorporated into a person’s self-worth during childhood.

2. Compared
to “pop psychology,” psychology:

a. is based on empirical evidence.

b. is less complex.

c. addresses only human behavior.

d. is narrower in the issues it addresses.

3. Psychobabble

a. an innate mental module that allows young
children to develop communication skills.

b. a pseudoscience covered by a veneer of
psychological language.

c. incoherent speech linked by remote
associations called “word salads.”

d. a child’s first word combinations which
omit unnecessary words.

4. Which
of the following best describes the academic field of psychology?

a. It is restricted to the study
of mental and emotional disorders, personal problems, and psychotherapy.

b. It is restricted to the study of humans.

c. Its approach is similar to popular

d. It is the study of not just exceptional
experiences but also commonplace ones.

5. Real
psychology differs from popular psychology and its pseudoscientific relatives
in that it is based on:

a. popular opinion.

b. the ideas of prominent psychoanalysts.

c. empirical evidence.

d. the latest theories.

6. Empirical
findings are those that:

a. rely on observation, experimentation, or

b. characterize an entire set of research

c. are conducted in a field setting outside of
a laboratory.

d. compare subjects of different ages at a
given time.

7. Which
of the following would give the most accurate view of psychology?

a. hearing a radio call-in show facilitated by
a therapist

b. searching the Internet to see what the
popular opinion is on when to begin toilet training an infant

c. reading a self-help book about how to get
over a breakup

d. reading
a newspaper article on the causes of bullying, which describes some of the
current research evidence

8. Which
of the following helps explain why so many people go to psychics?

a. There is empirical evidence that some
psychic predictions are accurate.

b. Seeing a psychic is cheaper than seeing a

c. Belief in psychic abilities gives people a
sense of control and predictability.

d. Psychics use subliminal messaging to
manipulate people’s beliefs.

9. The
ability to make judgments on the basis of well-supported reasons rather than
emotion or anecdote is called:

a. applied psychology.

b. critical thinking.

c. functionalism.

d. introspection.

10. Critical
thinking involves:

a. pessimistic thinking when trying to solve a

b. using one’s intuition to assess claims made
by researchers.

c. using evidence to make objective judgments.

d. detecting emotional cues to find hidden
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