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March 24, 2023
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March 24, 2023

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13 and 14 – Cognition – Categories and Concepts and Memory

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This one is worth 2 chapters – so you might want to have a few posts to answer all of these.

USE the course vocabulary to explain the videos and TRY to connect it to vocab from the past chapters!!!

This is a lot – so you have to pace yourself – for Each video ask a question!!!

ANSWER at least 3 questions the best that you can – if you can’t ask a different question!!

Cue overload principle
Episodic memory
Retroactive interference
Semantic memory

1) Memory in the brain- Neurons in the Hippocampus (Links to an external site.)

2) Memory in the Mind – The Riddle of Memory and Experience (Links to an external site.)

3) What do you actually remember? Is it real? Loftus Video (Links to an external site.)

Now that you are sure that you do not know about your own brain and you own memory –

4) Why do we use Heuristics and Concepts to remember things – why not be this guy?

https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-superhuman-mind/201212/kim-peek-the-real-rain-man (Links to an external site.)

(you can watch the documentary about him on YouTube – but it is not required for the class)

5) What happens when you do not remember? YouTube clip? (Links to an external site.)Clive Video

There is also a full hour video on him as well on YouTube if you want to watch it..

6) This one is scary -not so much at your age but my age… yikes! – Getting and avoiding Alzheimer’s

I know this is a lot – but it really is a huge topic and shows how important memory is!!

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