psychological approach that emphasizes mental processes in perception, memory, language,

Empirical evidence is the evidence gathered by careful observation and experimentation.
June 22, 2020
How to Become a University Admissions Officer
June 22, 2020

psychological approach that emphasizes mental processes in perception, memory, language,

perception, memory, language,
problem solving, and other areas of behavior.

a. biological perspective

b. learning perspective

c. cognitive perspective

d. sociocultural perspective

92. Which
modern psychological perspective focuses on how people reason, remember,
understand language, and solve

a. the learning perspective

b. the cognitive perspective

c. the sociocultural perspective

d. the psychodynamic perspective

93. One
of the most important contributions of the _______________ perspective of
psychology has been to show how
people’s thoughts and explanations affect their actions, feelings, and choices.

a. sociocultural

b. learning

c. biological

d. cognitive

Psychology’s Present: The Four Perspectives of Psychological Science

94. A _______________ might study what goes on
in the mind of an infant or study different types of intelligence.

a. cultural psychologist

b. learning theorist

c. cognitive researcher

d. biological psychologist

95. A psychologist who embraces the cognitive
perspective would be most interested in:

a. how
punishments and rewards affect behavior.

b. different
cultural environments.

c. unconscious

d. how
people think.

96. Observing violent role models can influence
some children to behave aggressively themselves. Which of the following
psychological perspectives is this an example of?

a. behaviorist perspective

b. learning perspective

c. social-cognitive perspective

d. biological perspective

97. _______________ focus on how groups affect attitudes and behavior, why
people obey authority, and how each of us
is affected by other people—spouses, lovers, friends, bosses, parents, and

a. Social psychologists

b. Learning theorists

c. Cognitive researchers

d. Biological psychologists

98. Which
modern psychological perspective focuses on how our behavior is influenced by
the other people in our environment and the communities we belong to?

a. sociocultural

b. learning

c. cognitive

d. biological

99. Dr.
Lyons studies the impact of societal norms and values on human decision-making
behavior. It is most likely that she endorses which of the following
psychological approaches?

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