diabetes and renal disease
October 22, 2021
network enterprise architecture plan
October 22, 2021

psy 520 benchmark

  1. Select at least three variables that you believe have a linear relationship.
    1. Specify how you will measure each of these variables (i.e., what instrument will you use and provide an APA reference for the instrument)
  2. Collect the data for these variables and describe the data collection technique and why it was appropriate as well as why the sample size was best.
    1. Submit the data collected by submitting the SPSS data file with your submission.
  3. Find the Correlation coefficient for each of the possible pairings of variables and describe the relationship in terms of strength and direction.
  4. Find a linear model of the relationship between the three (or more) variables of interest. Identify the predictor variables and the criterion variable.
  5. Provide an output of the SPSS results and interpret the results using correct APA style.
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