provide at least three (3) references supporting your argument.

Explain the difference between STERILE and INFERTILE in regards to reproduction
September 9, 2020
List and describe the design steps (activities) that a designer needs to follow to create and evaluate sustainable designs.
September 9, 2020

provide at least three (3) references supporting your argument.

Subject: Business    / Management

Are you wearing a team embroidered sweatshirt?

How about a ball cap that supports your alma mater?

Do your PJs that you study in sport your team’s logo over and over again in a mesmerizing pattern?

Or do those slippers you got for Christmas have the mascot of your college on the toesies!?

Regardless of what you are wearing now, your normal sports fan attire or your PJs, we all own sports apparel that supports our favorite team or alma mater. But have any of us really given much thought to where and how this apparel is being manufactured? Duke University has and perhaps by reading the article linked to “Duke Apparel” in our Webliography, we all will begin to as well.

After reading this article you will be required to write a 1-2 page paper analyzing Duke University’s latest action regarding the production of its athletic apparel. In order to give a complete analysis, this will require doing additional research beyond the article in our Webliography. This paper should include discussion regarding how Duke’s actions relate to the following key concept areas of Chapter 6:

a) social responsibility

b) corporate social responsibility

c) business ethics

d) social contract

You are to provide at least three (3) references supporting your argument. Make sure your paper is well organized and addresses each of the concepts above individually.




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