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January 25, 2023
Forensic Tool Selection
January 25, 2023


StatementState legislatures continue to advance policy proposals to address cyber threats directed at governments and private businesses. As threats continue to evolve and expand and as the pace of new technologies accelerates, legislatures are making cybersecurity measures a higher priority.AssignmentYou are to author a 2-page (maximum) paper about the “failed” amendments proposed by the Kentucky legislature in 2019 with respect to Cyber Policy.  APA format – 1 cover page, 2 content pages, and 1 reference page.You are to answer two questions in your individual papers.Brief background of the proposed amendment and “researched” speculation as to why it failed?What would you propose for them to pass in 2020?Remember to cite your sources appropriately and turn in original work!KY S 14Status: Failed – AdjournedProvides definitions relating to personal information, provides certain personal information that shall be protected from disclosure by a public agency or third-party contractor through redaction or other means, provides a list of covered persons, provides guidelines for contracts between a public agency and a third-party contractor.

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