Analyze and critically appraise evidence
October 20, 2018
Picot Nursing Question
October 22, 2018


Identify the stakeholders including two health care professionals in the case scenario;
Identify the ethical and legal conflicts and consider them from the following perspectives:
? The dignity and rights of all stakeholders in this case
? The principles and virtues of health care ethics that inform professional practice
? The relevant codes of ethics and/or codes of professional conduct
2. Propose a legally and ethically defensible resolution to these conflicts
Ensure the ethical dilemma and the two professional groups are presented in the introduction.
Ensure logical sequencing of ideas and overall flow of the essay as a professional piece of work.
Ensure the ethical dilemma and the two professional groups are presented in the conclusion
Ensure Self-directed research from relevant contemporary academic journals and other professional literature.
Presents evidence with direct connection and citation of the selected two professions in the scenario. Moves critical reasoning and understandings to a higher level, beyond simple citations
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