Need Help With Discussion On Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

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July 14, 2020
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July 14, 2020

Need Help With Discussion On Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

If there is a right and wrong answer, there is no ethical dilemma. An ethical dilemma occurs when one or more competing ethical principles must be considered and weighed against each other.

Social workers serve individuals, families, and communities who experience complex problems for which there are rarely simple solutions, or right or wrong answers. As such, social workers use the NASW Code of Ethics to identify the various ethical principles and standards that will guide ethical decision making.

In this Discussion, you apply social work ethics as you analyze an ethical dilemma.

To prepare: Consider the ethical decision-making framework outlined in this week’s resources by Reamer (2002). Select one of the following options and engage in the first few steps of the ethical decision-making process, including consultation with colleagues through your response posts.

Option 1
As technology advances, so do the ways that social workers can connect with clients. Is it acceptable to look at a client’s activities on social media or seek information through an Internet search? Should a social worker allow clients to contact them by text or e-mail? How does a social worker’s personal social media presence influence the worker/client relationship?
Option 2

Consider the presence of dual relationships in social work practice. What are examples of nonharmful and harmful dual relationships between clients and workers? How do social workers determine if dual relationships are harmful to a client?

Option 3

Your Instructor will post a social work ethical dilemma related to a current event.

Answer all 6 of these questions below based on Option you selected in APA Format and provide at least 3 reference from Reamer (2002). I have provided 2 different articles by reamor below.

1. 2.

  • 1.Describe a specific ethical dilemma based on one of the options above.
  • 2.Describe the ethical issues in the option chosen.
  • 3.Identify specific values or ethical standards that apply.
  • 4. Identify who is likely to be affected by the ethical dilemma.
  • 5. Describe potential courses of action.
  • 6. Examine reasons in favor of or opposed to the course of action
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