MN576 Advanced Practice Nursing-Discussion Board: Causes Of Pelvic Pain

MN577 Advanced Nursing Practice: Discussion Board: Common Causes Of Pelvic Pain
July 25, 2019
Please Do A Comment Base In This Answers. Write At Least 140 Words In Each Answer, Take Reference From (2013-2018) If Is Possible, Academic References Please Because The Teacher Check It Out One By One. SUSTANTIVE POST NEEDED
July 25, 2019

MN576 Advanced Practice Nursing-Discussion Board: Causes Of Pelvic Pain

No plagiarism please.

Will need minimum of 300 words, APA Style, double spaced, times new roman, font 12, and Include: (3 references within years 2015-2018) with intext citations.


Pelvic pain can be acute or chronic and can be caused by any number of conditions. In primary care, nurse practitioners should be able to outline the basic approach to initial evaluation of and management of these disorders.


There are many causes of pelvic pain. Select one of the causes of pelvic pain and describe the symptoms. (Uterine fibroids).

Why and who would you refer this patient to for consultation?

What are the steps to writing a referral and what is the NP’s responsibility for follow up?

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