mba 620 financial accounting 1

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March 3, 2023
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March 3, 2023

mba 620 financial accounting 1

Hello, can someone please answer the question on the excel sheet? I really need help answering this.

Choice Hotels 10-K

In Project 2, you will learn how to access US Securities and Exchange Commission public information about companies. You will also learn how to complete a horizontal analysis and to calculate and analyze ratios.

Start by looking up the 10-K for Choice Hotels (CHH) for year 2018 on the SEC website.Follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. At the top on the right, click Company Filings.

3. In the fast search box, enter the Ticker Symbol for Choice Hotels, CHH.

4. Click Search

5. EDGAR search results will appear.Notice the name and address for Choice Hotels. Also notice the box that reads Filter Results: Filing Type. Enter “10-K” and click Search.

6. You should see a 10-K with a filing date of 2019-02-26. This is the latest available at the time this project was developed.

7. There are two available formats of this 10-K data, and we will use the Documents to answer the questions. You will use the data provided in the worksheets to complete the Ratio Analysis and to answer related questions.

8. Complete the horizontal analysis of financial statements by filling in each grey box.

9. Answer all questions on each tab in this workbook.

Note: Quarterly Financial Statements are not audited. Only annual financial statements are audited by a public accounting firm.

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