investigate the contentions that they add to their decisions to help confirm or reject the stance.

Using one of the following referral case studies, develop and outline a comprehensive Functional Behavioral Assessment Report.
June 23, 2020
How did the quest for money encourage conquest and colonization? 2. What gives œmoney its value?
June 24, 2020

investigate the contentions that they add to their decisions to help confirm or reject the stance.

SOCI 212 – Social Problems

Assignment 2: Identifying Organizations (Due Week 5).


Our first writing assignment centered upon the definition of the sociological viewpoint toward social problems, and an identification of a social problem that we felt was one of the most significant in society. For this next paper, we will expand upon our understanding of the social problem through analyzing the organizations that are committed to addressing it. For example, with respect to the problems of homelessness, we see a variety of local and national level organizations that seek to enable people the opportunity to have permanent housing. Habitat for Humanity would be an excellent example of an organization that deals with such a concern. In the same sense, we may look at the Salvation Army as a type of organization committed to helping impoverished people, or people recently released from prison or drug treatment, to find gainful employment and reclaim a quality-of-life. Your job in this paper will be to do your own independent research on two organizations that are committed to the social problem chosen in the first writing assignment. This will ultimately lead to our final paper in which we’ll examine the future of the social problem.

Construct a 2-4 page paper that fully satisfies these two areas:

Based upon your topic chosen in the first assignment, or based upon an entirely new topic of your choice, describe two organizations (Feel free to do your own independent research on these organizations) that is seeking to address this social problem. (1-2 pages). Note: If you do change topics please get prior approval from you instructor.
Analyze two major ways that each organization is addressing the social problem you have mentioned. For example, are they helping to create homeless shelters, are they helping people receive drug treatment, or are they working with state and local authorities to curb suffering in some area?
Use at least four concepts or theories from our text (not used in our first assignment) for each organization. Don’t forget to include proper APA-style citation and reference. (worth 10% of total grade).

Sam S. Josephson

Anne Krieger

SOCI212 – Social Problems

October 15, 2015

The Sociological viewpoint toward social problems

SOCI212 – Social Problems

October 15, 2015

The sociological viewpoint toward social problems

A social issue is any condition or conduct that has adverse outcomes for substantial quantities of individuals and that is by and large perceived as a condition or conduct that should be tended to. This definition has both a target segment and a subjective part.

The target segment is this: for any condition or conduct to be viewed as a social issue, it must have adverse results for expansive quantities of individuals, as every part of this book examines. How would we know whether a social issue has negative outcomes? Sensible individuals can and differ on whether such outcomes exist and, assuming this is the case, on their degree and earnestness, however, usually an assortment of information aggregates—from work by scholastic analysts, government offices, and different sources—that firmly indicates broad and genuine results. The explanations behind these results are regularly fervently, and now and again, as we should find in specific sections in this book, here and there the very presence of these outcomes is debated. A present sample is environmental change: Although the larger part of atmosphere researchers say that environmental changes. (, n.d.)

There is a development of poverty that recognizes it as an essential element of social life and that a few individuals will be better enriched, invest more energy or be more fruitful than others and disparity will be an unavoidable result. Interfering with this regular request of things is unsafe especially in light of the fact that it anticipates destitution going about as a goad to invest more energy. This is the “American” premise financial specialist George Gilder’s assault on welfare culture and during his term he proposed state projects he hoped would work to lessen the effect of poverty.

The most genuine misrepresentation is submitted not by the individuals from the welfare culture but rather by the makers of it; who keeps from poor people,both grownups and kids, the most central substances of their lives- that to live well and escape destitution they will need to keep their families together no matter what and will need to work harder than the classes above them. So as to succeed the poor need above all else the reminder of their poverty.

The second group of sound judgment thoughts regarding destitution is based on the notion that the character and conduct of a few sorts of individuals reasons them to be poor. Such individuals are somehow defective. There may obviously be diverse sorts of imperfection however destitute individuals are recognized from whatever is left of us by some trademark that makes them poor. This might be their ethical character it may be their capacities or limits or it may be that they have not been appropriately mingled.

The third and last group of thoughts regarding neediness are those which infer reasons that lie in the outside universe of the economy and legislative issues. For instance, an increment in the quantity of individuals working in low paid employments produces lower livelihoods and more individuals living in relative destitution or changes in government approach on welfare advantages may decrease wages or trap individuals in neediness in light of the fact that they lose advantages when they have an increase in their salary.

So far we have taken a gander at three more created dialogs of a fundamental percentage recommendations about poverty that we considered in area. These three illustrations could be duplicated- there is an assortment of clarifications of poverty that we could have utilized. Then again these three permit us to mirror a little on the relationship between sociology examinations of social issues and judgment skills understandings. Even these brief concentrates from books and articles show that social researchers take more time to say things than the fairly terse sound judgment explanations that we took a gander at before. Pessimists may say that this is basically proof of social researchers being verbose. However, we do trust that there is something else included more than just words. We expect there to be substance to the research. On the other hand these are still contentions since the contrast between sociology and sound judgment is not a flat out partition in the middle of feeling and science where science ensures truth. We have here three social researchers and we could have had some more with altogether different points of view on the issue of destitution. Social science approaches likewise bring up the issue of proof. In spite of the fact that the brief concentrates that we have utilized above don’t introduce factual information or different sorts of data they by the by bring the likelihood up in distinctive ways.

In closing, there are three clarifications of neediness created by social researchers have been considered. The principal considers destitution to be common or inescapable, the second spotlights on the conduct of needy individuals, while the third investigations neediness as the consequence of monetary or political procedures. Considering these clarifications makes it conceivable to reach a few determinations about the sociological way to deal with social issues in that it depends on contentions making causal cases as opposed to statement. Sociology is described by contending and challenging points of view. Social researchers use proof of different sorts to bolster and investigate the contentions that they add to their decisions to help confirm or reject the stance. (, n.d.)




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