How to write a goal in the abstract and problems?

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January 17, 2021
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January 21, 2021

How to write a goal in the abstract and problems?

How to write a goal in an abstract and define tasks clearly and clearly. Writing an excellent essay is an art, because in this matter it is important to contain all the relevant material to make it interesting and lively, and to comply with the teacher’s requirements.

How to formulate the purpose of the abstract

If you have correctly defined the topic of work, then there should be no problems with setting goals and objectives. Moreover, the goal of any research is inextricably linked with its topic.

The goal is what needs to be achieved in the research process. When writing an abstract, always keep the goal in sight, before your eyes. After the next section is completed, you decide which part of it is performed. The sum of these decisions indicates the completeness of the disclosure of the topic.

The goal should be:

  • Achievable;
  • Laconic;
  • Clear;
  • Common

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How to write abstract problems

When a student starts writing a term paper, thesis project or any other research, he often confuses goals and objectives.

It is recommended to break the content of the goal into small components: tasks and subgoals. In general, for an abstract, it will be enough to formulate about 2-3 clear sentences. The latter allow you to concretize your searches in achieving goals. You can reflect each task in a separate paragraph.

When denoting them, it is recommended to use the following verbs:

  • Develop …
  • To uncover…
  • Reveal …
  • Describe …
  • Define …
  • Highlight …

An example of how to write an abstract goal step by step

Let us consider this process using the example of the topic “Methods for studying an extinct crater”. The purpose of this study is to briefly describe and summarize the most successful results of studies of extinct craters. The name of the topic is included in the formulation of the goal. Strictly speaking, it is the object of research.

abstractNow let’s divide the goal into sub goals:

  • To analyze the methods for studying extinct craters;
  • Describe the most successful ones;
  • Give a detailed description of the research object.

The purpose of any essay or abstract is always a problem that the author tries to solve when writing a work. Tasks, in turn, are steps, upon successful completion of which, the author comes to a solution to the problem.

The following verbs can be used to formulate goals:

  • Explore …
  • Explore …
  • Systematize …
  • Analyze …
  • Illuminate …
  • Create …
  • State …
  • Summarize …
  • Consider …

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How to write problems in the abstract: an example for “five”

Initially, you need to determine the type of abstract that you plan to write: analytical or descriptive. In the analytical form of the abstract, the goal may be to study several literary sources on the topic of research and then develop a point of view and justify the position.

In a descriptive abstract, the goal is to summarize the facts, write a literature review, and summarize the work in question.

Let’s consider a short example of formulating sub-goal steps using the example of the topic “Medical terms”.

The purpose of this work was determined: to give a systematic description of terms denoting concepts from medicine.

The main tasks can be specified:

  • Determine the features of the lexical and semantic characteristics of the terms under consideration;
  • Describe the structure of these terms;
  • Identify the boundaries and concepts of the term.

And, although the introduction and conclusion are parts of the abstract, according to which it is “met”, they accompany any work just according to the relevance of its tasks to the goals and vice versa. Therefore, it is so important to figure out in advance how to write the goal and objectives in the abstract in order to achieve brilliant results. Abstract research is always small in volume, and therefore requires a more thoughtful approach to the structure. After all, as you name the ship, so it will float. In our case, he will sail exactly according to the goal assigned by the captain, and it depends on its correctness whether he reaches the berth or not.


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