Equity in research involving children participant

Professional Presentation In an article from Beckman (2001) states Improved
September 9, 2020
facilitate interaction and peer learning between students * encourage active and ongoing participation in this subject; and * provide you with an opportunity to test your understanding of the theory covered in the subject
September 9, 2020

Equity in research involving children participant

Hello Dr. Ralph I have a question form the last work

You wrote

Equity in research involving children participant is by large faced by the challenge of establishing a good rapport with the children. Psychologically, a child’s response is influenced by the external environment (Fargas-Malet, McSherry, Larkin, & Robinson, 2010). The willingness of a child to respond to the research has to be cultivated by the researcher first. The issues interest me most as it is essential in carrying out research on children. The child’s attitude towards the researcher has effects on his/her participation in the research. The researcher should have a friendly personality to help capture the child’s interest in the research. For instance, if the researcher uses harsh language or demands information from the child can hurt the rapport.

I would agree but how I state this transcends as researcher/child relationship to all adult/child relationships?


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