psyc221 week 7 and 8 forum
March 18, 2023
find an article of your choice and discuss it in forum must be peer reviewed article published within the last 5 years and located on google scholar use university library databases to assist
March 18, 2023

discussion question 1414

1 200 words

[u04d1] Unit 04 Discussion 1

Gender and Leadership Style

In your course text, there is a reflection about gender-based differences in leadership style, noting emerging views that “female” leadership styles are more effective in contemporary social and crisis situations. Given this reflection and recent news about challenges in the Veterans Health Care Administration, discuss leadership qualities shown by the recently hired Latina Veterans Administration director in Riverbend City: Women in Leadership (linked in Resources). What strengths does she bring to the challenges facing the VA health care system? What challenges does she experience? Support your reflections with the course readings for this week.


Gender and Transformational Leadership

Review the information in your textbook about women and transformational leadership and the article by Lopez-Zafra, Gardia-Retamero, and Martos (2012) about transformational leadership and emotional intelligence. In your initial post, discuss how qualities and styles of leadership differ by gender and describe some of the key factors that shape views of female leaders. Present an example from your community or organization that illustrates differences in gender leadership styles.

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