Discussion Post On Substance Abuse

Nutrition Week 8 Assignment
July 15, 2020
Module 11 Classroom Assignment – Geriatric Functional Assessment
July 15, 2020

Discussion Post On Substance Abuse

Please visit the website and write about substance abuse.

Please follow the instructions .

Visit Healthy People.gov site   https://www.healthypeople.gov/    then you will

Select a leading health indicator and discuss why you think this health issue is a priority.

Discuss two actions you would take to improve the health issue.

The post should be between 350-500 words ( no longer)

Use Headings ( example health indicator and Importance and Actions )

Remember this is a discussion post not abstract or essay

APA format required


-Choice of topic and discussion of importance in our society

-Two actions for change

-Use of headings

Use of APA in-text citations

Adherence to rubric and word limit ( under or over)

Please include 1 reference

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