Describe how to write effective e-mails and announcements

Describe traditional governance structures and compare those structures to new governance structures emerging today.
June 29, 2020
Explain how you will attempt to address whilst on prac by providing practical knowledge of what you will actually do when you are on prac to support your development under each standard.
June 29, 2020

Describe how to write effective e-mails and announcements

Writing effective e-mails and announcements
Write an email, in which you call a meeting. The situation you are going to discuss is described in the scenario below. In your email you should describe the problem and why it is important (briefly and in your own words).
Send a copy of your email to the appropriate assignment area of D2L by the due date listed on the syllabus.

You are the personnel manager at the company XYZ, Inc., and you are writing an email to a number of other managers in the company. It has come to the management’s attention that valuable work hours may be wasted while employees are surfing the Internet, shopping, paying bills, sending private emails, etc. An even more serious concern is the possibility that information that may harm the company may be published on Facebook or twittered about. Clearly, some form of action needs to be taken.

However, the majority of your employees have tasks that force them to spend their work hours in front of the computer. Some would argue that they in fact save time and work more efficiently if they can manage private bank business and child care related issues online. There is also the question of integrity: How far may a company go to check what their employees are doing? What sort of surveillance and regulations regarding the use of the company’s electronic equipment can be seen as reasonable?

In an email to your colleagues, you are calling to a meeting to discuss what possible measures may be taken and how they may affect the situation of the company’s employees. Your aim is to have a discussion that results in a suggested solution that will please the management as well as the employees.
Part C (25 points)
After the meeting you scheduled above, you will need to send an announcement to all employees about the the outcomes/results of the meeting.
Hard copy of the announcement must contain:

a numbered list or bullets
an appropriate graphic and a table.

Some examples of tables can be pros/cons, problems/solutions, suggestions/outcomes.




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