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October 22, 2021
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October 22, 2021

define hip hop

Part 2: Drawing on 2-4 of the definitions provided above and chapters 1-5 of our text book Rap and Hip Hop Culture (New York: Oxford University Press, 2015) complete the following 4 steps which contain strict guidelines and some (semi-open ended) questions to develop an argument to help you explain the different ideas community members and media critics have about “hip hop.”

  1. (0-5 points) In one paragraph, set your tone and inform your reader that you are about to address the complex and inconsistent ways “we” have defined and misused the terms “hip hop” and “rap.” Can you do it in an interesting way to draw a reader to continue reading your work? Required elements:
    • Focus on 2-4 examples as opposed to responding to every definition on the list.
    • What background information does your reader need to know in order to understand your claim? (example: why it is necessary to address definitions. Or how key terms are used and abused. Or …)
    • Who does “we” represent?
    • Your last sentence should be your claim.
  2. (0-7.5 points) In following 2-3 paragraphs, problematize(to view as a problem to solve) a couple of the definitions. Introduce your evidence to prove your claim. NOTE: Your opinion alone is not sufficient. Instead, you must draw on the other definitions from this group to help support your argument and draw on the data from your text book and/or you may draw on other academically sound materials and include that source in your WORKS CITED page.
  3. (0-5 points) In the following paragraph, anticipate a counterargument or counterarguments: What might a reader pose against your argument or your reasoning?
    • Recognize your own biases: I am young and a current fan of hip hop culture. OR I am an older fan and perhaps romanticize the past too much. OR I am male and might ignore the ways it has impacted female participants. OR…
    • End by re-establishing why your argument is more right than wrong.
  4. (0-7.5 points) In the final 1 or 2 paragraphs answer the very dubious question: So what? Explain why it is important to be critical of people’s ideas and why a critical thinker like yourself has a duty to challenge authoritative voices (it is quite possible to develop a strong argument against the great, almighty Nas’s definition or a scholar dedicated to Africana studies like Dr. Dyson).
    • It is possible to introduce new information in your concluding thoughts; however, it takes some skill to do so successfully. Are you up to the challenge? Are you able to propose a longer thesis based on this exercise?
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