Learning and Innovation Skills and Student Assessment
April 23, 2023
April 23, 2023


Content: Provide samples of three (3) record-keeping forms used in an ECE setting:form/tool used when observing and documenting a child’s developmental/learning progressYou must provide both a blank and a completed form but make sure NOT to include the child’s name.an accident report forman emergency information formFormat: Submit copies of the formsIf digital versions aren’t available, you may create them using methods like those below. Just be sure the images are legible.Use a document scanner to create PDF or JPEG files.Take a picture with your camera/cell phone to create a JPEG file.Be sure the format and organization of your assignment are clear and includes the following information:The title “Resource Collection RC-V: Record Keeping Forms”Your name* If you do not currently work in an Early Childhood setting and do not have direct access to these forms, please locate examples provided by reputable onlineĀ resources.

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