Constructing Your Presentation – One Page Paper

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July 15, 2020
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July 16, 2020

Constructing Your Presentation – One Page Paper

Hi, i need one page paper in APA format and proper reference, arter watching this short video answer the questions in the one page paper:

Constructing Your Presentation

When creating a Health Promotion Program, it is important to consider your audience. Watch the video and then join the discussion:

 Watch Video  Healthy Can Be Tasty Duration: 2:27
1. Did you find that the video introduction made you want to continue watching? What ideas do you have for starting your education session that will make the audience want to continue to stay engaged?

2. Name on learning style that the video considered. How will you consider various learning styles in your presentation?

3. How will you indicted to your audience that you used scientific evidence for your content? Do you see any proof of that in the video?

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