April 23, 2023
April 23, 2023

Case study

Each case is to be developed individually.The length of this assignment should be 1 page summary, 1 page for copying and answering questions. Total of 2 pages per case.2. Provide a compact summary about the subject, background, family, teachers , therapists and other personnel involved, and the problem present at the time for each case.  Copy and answer questions compacting answers at the end of each case.3-Reference page: Textbook information .Only use textbook:Lerner, J. W., & Johns, B. (2015). Learning disabilities and related disabilities: Strategies for success. Cengage Learning.Case Study 4Chapter 4, page 122, 4.1Parents’ Thoughts(QUESTION) What are some common themes in the above stories?Case Study 5Chapter 5, page 153Special Students Learning Strategies for Social Studies(QUESTIONS)1- If you were the principal, how would you answer the charge that is was not fair?2- What role do you think motivation played in doing well in the test?3- What strategies from this chapter did Ms. Weiss use in her teaching?Case Study 6Chapter 6, page 160 ,6.1Students with Challenges(QUESTION)1- What could Mark’s teacher do in place of expecting him to read aloud in a round-robin type of reading?2- What should Wendy’s math teacher do now that she has the information about Wendy’s achievement test scores?*** Strictly from the textbook (include quotes), this teacher is very demanding, follow the instructions based solely on the content provided in the chapter, use exact words and page content and use the specific pages in the instructions, quotes according to the book, the questions that you need respond are inside of the table that contain each case ****Please,  use only the content of the case with answers exactly with the same words in the book.

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