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April 23, 2023
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April 23, 2023

Case Report 100

Instructions for CASE REPORTThe document attached to this assignment provides case study evaluation information for KS, an 8th grade student who is being evaluated to determine if there is the presence of a disability that is having adverse effects on educational performance.  Your job is to create a Psychoeducational Report to aid in that determination.  Your report should include the following categories:Background information, student strengths and parent input. Be sure and include more in the background information than is found in the opening paragraph of the case study.Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance that requires interpretation and analysis of measures included in the case. Description of how the suspected disability is impacting progress in general educationExplain how you would provide instruction based on the information.  For example, what skills would you focus on, how would you do this and why?Recommendation for Special Education.   Does the child qualify for special education program and services?  Why or Why not? How does the data support or refute a diagnosis of one of the disabling conditions?   What type of program and related services might be required for KS and why? Be sure and speak to the Least Restrictive Principle and inclusion as you make your recommendations.One Academic and One Behavioral Long Term Objective written in SMART goal format along with three short term objectives for each goal that moves the student toward mastery of the goals.  Be sure your goals have a specific method for measuring progress toward the goal.Recommendations for classroom and assessment accommodations and supports and why they are needed for classroom, district and state testing.Your report should be comprehensive in nature and demonstrate your understanding of the evaluation process, data interpretation and analysis, with a thorough description of accommodations and supports and types of services.  Remember the Least Restrictive Environment principle and inclusion for special education placements and include a discussion of how to best serve KS.Your case report should be well organized and professionally written with few to no errors in mechanics or grammar.  The case report should be written in a manner that all stakeholders, and most specifically parents, can understand.  You will want to use Chapter 16 from the Pierangleo and Guiliani text for assist on the eligibility questions and Chapter 17 for  guidance on writing your report.  You may want to review the Case Report Rubric for better understanding of what is required for this assessment. The Case Report is the summative assessment for this course so you will want to incorporate all that you have learned. This assessment is worth 100 points.These resources may help you if some of the measures are unfamiliar:ACCESS Testing: https://wida.wisc.edu/assess/access/scores-reportsAssessment of English Language Learners: www.colorincolorado.org/webcast/assessment-english-language-learnersNWEA MAP Testing: https://www.testprep-online.com/map-scoresAttachmentsCase Study assessment course (00000002).pdf(680.73 KB)Download All FilesHide Rubrics

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