Marketing And The Health Care System
July 23, 2019
Research Article Paper
July 23, 2019

Bipolar Disorder

a) Bipolar disorder

1) What are the main symptoms of the mental health disorder you picked?

2) What theoretical orientation/approach could be used to assist someone living with that specific mental health disorder?

3) Do you think a client living with the mental health disorder you picked would benefit from taking psychotropic medications prescribed by a psychiatrist? Why or why not?

4) Please create a vignette where you describe a potential client (i.e. age, sex, symptoms of the mental health disorder you chose, and cultural background) who is interested in receiving therapeutic services. It is important that you create a realistic scenario that causes your client to experience various symptoms and leads him/her to seek therapy.

APA format

Min 2 pages

Time New Roman

double space

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