On diagnosis, the bone marrow of the patient is infiltrated with small lymphocytes. What should the nurse suspect based on the information?
July 13, 2019
Explain how the 2001 PATRIOT Act altered the prosecutorial and intelligence purposes of the FISA court
July 13, 2019


A. Research the two following topics and write a one page summary of your findings for the two scenarios:

1. Stem cell research for reproduction of a designer child whose sole purpose is to be a donor to a sick child.

2. Parents who decide, for religious and moral issues, to preserve umbilical cords for use in the future to potentially save a life.

B. Write a one page summary for the questions asked below.

1. What are the moral and ethical implications of this genetic selection?

2. What conclusions have you reached about such medical technology?

3. How does your attitude toward God affect your opinion?

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