Application of the Nursing Process Assignment

Evaluate the outcomes for nursing care of older people.
November 2, 2018
Research study related to forensic psychology
November 8, 2018

Application of the Nursing Process Assignment

This assignment consists of two parts and should be handed in two separate documents.
Both must follow APA guidelines where required. Please read through all of the instructions
before you begin this assignment.
Students will be provided with an opportunity to apply the nursing process to a client. By
developing a nursing care plan, the student will prioritize the needs of a patient based upon
one of three scenarios. Following, a reflection on the process will be handed in.
You will be assessed on how you apply your understanding of the following general learning
● Explain how the nursing metaparadigm, theories, principles, and concepts from
nursing and other professional disciplines contribute to holistic nursing practice
● Examine the nursing process as a critical-thinking method of organizing and
delivering nursing care
Part 1 – Care Plan
● Choose your scenario from the list below.
● Analyze and apply the scenario to develop a care plan for your chosen scenario,
following the provided steps. Use the template for Part 1 of this assignment.
● A reference page must be included. A title page is not necessary.
Scenario 1
A family friend, Judy, was recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. She is a single parent
with two young children and is going to school part-time to become a teacher. She is from
the Ghana and English is her second language. She has lived in Canada for four years and
does not have any family support here. Once a week she will Skype with her family in
Ghana. Her full time job is at a Tim Hortons, where she has recently had to pick up
additional shifts, including Sundays. Her classes are on Monday and Wednesday evenings.
She has been eating more fast food including take-out pizza and coffee to keep herself
going. She is finding it difficult to juggle all of these responsibilities and is feeling very
anxious. Moreover, she has gained 30 pounds of weight and is having a difficult time
controlling her blood sugars.
You are also aware of the following:
● She is 29 years old, has two younger siblings and both parents are living.
● She has been diagnosed with Asthma as a child and uses Ventolin puffers
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