Annotated Bibliography

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August 10, 2020
Module 03 Written Assignment – Course Project: Comparing Compliance Plans
August 10, 2020

Annotated Bibliography

This week’s discussion board assignment is in three parts.

1. As you know, as a final requirement for this course, you’ll submit a longer, original piece of argumentative and research writing. In Module 11, you introduced six unique references, and then reviewed the comments from your peer review, as another student evaluated your references according to the checklist in Chapter 7 of the text. This week, you’ll choose the best four references that you’ll use in your final essay, and complete an annotated bibliography. A research project begins with you conducting research on a broad area of the academic literature and concludes with a more focused argumentative essay, in which you locate and defend your own position in the debate. Since the first step is to research your topic, in this module you will prepare an annotated bibliography.

First, review the following document on how to write an annotated bibliography:

Second, please review the following two sources. They describe what a high quality, peer-reviewed source is and also explain how such resources are created:

If you still have trouble identifying high quality, peer-reviewed articles, talk with a librarian at GSU:

In your first post, prepare an annotated bibliography of four sources on a specific subject of your topic, which will be the subject of your research project. Remember to include your thesis statement (perhaps edited based on my feedback) in your post. This is due Wednesday by 5pm.

2. In order to ensure that everyone gets a peer-reviewed reply, and that no student gets many, in your second post simply “claim” a thread for yourself. You can do this simply by typing “Hi, Robert. This is interesting, and I’ll reply to your post by the end of the week”. Try to peer review a different student from the one you chose in Module 11. Of course, if someone else has already “claimed” a thread, then please choose another. This strategy will guarantee that no two students are working to peer review the same essay. Please do this step as soon as possible, but no later than Friday at 5pm.

3. In your third post, give a meaningful, and critical peer review of the student’s four sources. Remember that critical does not mean negative; it simply means that you should add something meaningful that was not already included in the original. In the next module, we’ll narrow six sources down to four, so your feedback will be useful to help your classmate choose which of his/her four sources are of the highest quality. This is your opportunity help the student make his/her argument stronger, by applying what you know from the module. This is due by Sunday at 5pm.


Write a precis. A precis is a short description of a reading assignment, much like a book report. It should not contain any interpretation, examples, or objections. It should be limited simply to outlining the positions and arguments as they are found in the reading. Precis should be between 250-300 words (about a page), and should be typed, double spaced, 12pt font, or equivalent. To earn credit, it should be related to the chapter that we read for that module , and turned in during the week that we discuss and cover that chapter in class. It is of no value to write a precis after we have talked about it in class, so late precis will not be accepted for credit.

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