ITS538 – B03 Database Systems
January 25, 2023
Information Systems
January 25, 2023

Analyze Statistical Output

For this assignment, you must analyze a dataset and provide the results of your analysis. You should not interpret the output at this stage.In the video game dataset provided (attached file), you can explore two categorical or grouping variables (independent variables), which include the type of player (police officer or thief) and advertising period (advertising period or no advertising period).  You can explore the data to determine if the number of video game visits and/or the amount of visit time (dependent variables) are different for the levels of the two independent variables.  If the data are normally distributed, you could use independent samples t-tests as your inferential model to compare the two levels of each independent variable (you would run two separate t-tests).  If you analyze both independent variables simultaneously with their interaction term, you will use a two-way analysis of variance.Your paper should consist of the following components:Describe the problem and state the hypotheses to be tested.Include the appropriate descriptive statistics and visuals in order to describe the characteristics of the data and include a written summary of the data.Address all relevant statistical assumptions and provide a written summary of the findings.Describe the results of the inferential analyses implemented to address each hypothesis.Length: 5-7 pages (APA), not including title and reference pagesReferences: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources.Resources:- Chatterjee, S., & Hadi, A. S. (2012). Regression analysis by example. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.- Lee, S., & Lee, D. K. (2018). What is the proper way to apply the multiple comparison test? Korean Journal of Anesthesiology, 71(5), 353-360.

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