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August 22, 2020
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August 22, 2020


59) Dr. Pambros
returns Abnormal Psychology exams. Juanita, Kevin, and Morgan all receive
grades of “C.” Juanita is grateful to have passed. Kevin is devastated. Morgan
is mildly disappointed but recognizes that there are three remaining exams that
could boost his grade. How would the cognitive model explain the different
responses of these students to the same event?

A) Thoughts
are not as important at the event itself.

B) The
event is essentially neutral.

C) Grades
are inherently powerful events.

D) Grades
are classic negative reinforcers.

60) In Aaron
Beck’s model of depression, the cognitive triad consists of

A) past,
present, and future expectations.

B) three
types of negative thoughts.

C) Freud’s
id, ego and superego.

D) three
levels of the mind.

61) “I got a B in
the course. I’ll never get into graduate school.” This statement typifies the
cognitive distortion known as

A) overgeneralizing.

B) emotional

C) catastrophizing.

D) magnifying.

62) Carl Rogers
proposed that phenomenology is critical in understanding an individual.
Phenomenology means the

A) difference
between what one perceives and what one ought to do.

B) subjective
world of the individual.

C) objective
world of reality.

D) degree
to which objective reality and subjective reality are a fit.

63) A message that
implies “I will love you if you graduate with honors” is an example of

A) unconditional
positive regard.

B) unconditional
negative regard.

C) conditional
positive regard.

D) conditional
negative regard.

64) While
psychoanalytic and humanistic models assume that abnormality lies within the
individual, ________ models assume that abnormal behavior must be understood in
a larger context outside of the individual.

A) phenomenological

B) sociocultural

C) sociopathic

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